The Castle Rock area offers a variety of soft-surface and paved trails, for everyone from serious “single track” mountain biking, cyclocross and road riding enthusiasts, to family-friendly paths that offer a safe environment that weaves its way throughout the town and its neighborhoods.

The Phillip S. Miller Park Trails, has fast become one of the local favorites. Conveniently located adjacent to the “MAC” Miller Activity Center, there are 7.4 miles of trails on four different but inter-connected loops on 270 acres.

Just to the north, Ridgeline Open Space, offers 13.5 miles of trails through valleys and ridgelines of the 370 acres open space. The Meadows neighborhood to the north offers the 3.2 mile paved Native legends trail.

To the east is the 6 mile East Plum Creek Trail, off which, the Hangman Gulch trail connects to the Castle Rock Community Recreation Center, where one can ride a stationary bicycle or take a spin class in inclement weather.Also to the east, is the 1.8 mile Woodlands Bowl Open Space. And if you go even further to the east, you’ll find the 2.1 mile Mitchell Creek Trail System on 102 acres.

Deke 'The Bike Geek' Kantor riding the trails by Philip S. Miller Park, Castle Rock
Deke ‘The Bike Geek’ Kantor riding the trails by Philip S. Miller Park, Castle Rock

If you head just to the south of Castle Rock, one mile north of Franktown is Hidden Mesa Open Space, which connects to the Cherry Creek regional trail on the east side. Offering 4.7 miles of natural surface on 1,224 acres, features a 2.1 miles loop at the top of the mesa designed for mountain bikers.

Memmen Ridge is a two mile trail as you drop back into town to the west and is adjacent to the Fairground Regional Park trail system. The best part of riding in town is that one can see Castle Rock from a completely different, often subterranean perspective and go off the trails to any of the local establishments to enjoy a meal, libation, shopping, or even get a tattoo or a new hair style. As a caution, remember that once off the trails, you are under the same laws as any vehicle on the town’s streets.

In Crystal Valley to south of town, Rhyolite Bike Park has a varied selection of technical tracks including a permanent cyclocross course on its outskirts, and has hosted races in the fall, including the 2014 Colorado State Cyclocross championships.

As you’re hitting the trails, remember to take the time to pause along your adventure and take in the many breathtaking views that are available, of varying scenes such as Colorado’s Front Range mountains, Pikes Peak, downtown Denver and Castle Rock. Likewise, you’ll awe at the natural splendor of Pine forests, scrub oak and native grasslands and meadows.