Tips for fishing

Fishing is a long loved pastime of novices and experts alike. In Colorado, fly fishing year round could not be easier with hundreds of fishing spots, available resources, and plenty of fish. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or new to the Colorado fishing scene, we’ve created your guide to finding a place, learning techniques and developing your fishing skills year round.

5 Tips for Fishing Year Round That’ll Have You Catching in No Time

Colorado Fishing Atlas

Using an interactive mapping tool like the Colorado Fishing Atlas is an excellent way to search for fishing opportunities. Colorado Parks and Wildlife has designed this user-friendly resource to allow anglers of all kinds to search by species, specific interest points, or by proximity to your home or desired destination. The map is simple to navigate and provides recommended locations and opportunities for remote fly fishing, ice fishing, or fishing with the whole family.

The Fishing Resource Report

All along the Front Range there are streams, ponds, rivers and lakes that are all available for public use. As people fish these areas and report what they’ve caught or seen, the Fishing Resource Report updates findings and locations. The report provides a printable REPORT of all nearby Fishing Information Points, associated species, emergency facilities, campgrounds, and license agents for the user’s desired destination.

Local Bait and Tackle Shops

The popularity and success of fishing in Colorado has led to the development of bait & tackle shops across the state. People who work in, or own these shops are often anglers themselves. They fish in areas all over the state, do their research and learn about the season’s best spots. Support local businesses by shopping for bait at these shops and chat with the shop team about what they’ve seen or heard about lately.

Take a Line and Rod With You

Colorado is a beautiful state with open space and plenty of opportunities to explore its natural beauty. Take your line and rod with you, and set off to explore parts of Rocky Mountain National Park, Deckers, the South Platte, the Arkansas river, or the Colorado River. Efficient fishing requires resources, but sometimes one of the best resources is yourself. Even if you don’t find a great fishing spot, there’s no better way to spend a Colorado day than exploring all that this state has to offer. Take your equipment with you for when you find fishing opportunities along the way.

Make Friends

Fishing is a quiet and relaxing time for an individual or small group of a few. Fishing with friends is one thing, but making friends with other anglers is another. Whether you’re developing friendships with the people at the bait & tackle shop or the local outdoor store, establishing relationships with other fishermen is one of the best resources in finding opportunities, hearing stories, and growing in community with like-minded people year round. Fishing doesn’t have to be done a certain way or with certain people, but knowing people who understand fishing techniques, and who take pride in the same angler activities makes fishing in Colorado all the more fun, and successful.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice fisherman, there are plenty of fish, resources and opportunities for fishing in Colorado year round. Want to learn more about fishing? Visit our friends at 5280 Angler at today to find out more.