There’s no shortfall of talent in Castle Rock. From builders to the technologist, you won’t have to look far to find a thriving startup fueled by passionate entrepreneurs dedicated to their product and service.

Top 5 Startups in Castle Rock (OCT):

  1. Quail + Blu (

    Located at 230 3rd Street in downtown Castle Rock, Quail + Blu offers a spacious kitchen showroom that includes some of the most creative kitchen ideas you’ll find.
  2. Neighborhood Auto Care & Customs (
    Phone: 303-946-4090

    Located at 701 Park Street Unit E, Neighborhood Auto Care & Custom offers exceptionally priced auto repair and customization services. When you visit Neighborhood Auto Care & Customs, you’ll be greeted by owners Emily & Steve Kloter. If you’re in search of a local mechanic you can trust, you’ll want to call Steve and Emily at Neighborhood Auto Care & Customs.
  3. Mobile Auto Spa (
    Phone: 303-732-6808
    Mobile Auto Spa owner, Bryan has always been complimented on his attention to detail when it comes to making a car look new again. His passion to restore exterior and interior shines with every job he does. Mobile Auto Spa continently comes to your home and offers detailing services that range from $99 to $350.