Skiiers on the slopes

You want to bomb the double-black chutes and shred the mountain on your snowboard, but there’s a big obstacle – you’ve never even been snowboarding. If you want to fly down the mountain safely without ending up on your butt, you need lessons to help you get the basics down. Let’s learn about three types of snowboarding lessons so you can figure out what’s best for you.

Three Types of Snowboarding Lessons

Snowboarding School

Snowboarding school is available, affordable, and can get you shredding the slopes much more quickly than you trying on your own. Snowboarding school is not intense instruction but does teach the fundamentals of snowboarding like getting on and off the board, steering, starting and stopping, and getting on and off the lift.

If you want to test your skills quickly but you don’t have the time or resources for more intense instruction, snowboarding school is recommended. Most snowboarding schools are one or a few instructors for several students so don’t expect a lot of solo lesson time.

Advances Lessons/Small-Group Instruction

Most major ski resorts and ski towns offer advanced lessons for snowboarders that are a step ahead of snowboarding school and basic lessons. Advanced lessons could be on backcountry boarding, jumps and pipes, grinds and boxes, snowboarding for speed, and more. These lessons are typically one or a few instructors to a few students and will be more expensive than snowboarding school.

Private Solo Classes

The best way to learn is by doing and its best to be doing with the direct help that private one-on-one classes and lessons offer. Only take classes from skilled professionals that aren’t good at snowboarding but are good at teaching snowboarding. Look for reviews before hiring your instructor for the best time possible and the quickest skill gains. Of the different types of snowboarding lessons, private instruction is the most expensive but is the most beneficial.

What type of snowboarding lessons you want to take depends on your preference and resources, but any lessons are better than no lessons. Snowboarding school is quick, cheap, and easy while advanced lessons can build your skills quickly. For the quickest way to hit the slopes with skill, it’s best to go with one-on-instruction. All three of these lessons types will have carving out your piece of the mountain in no time.

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