verizonwirelesscastlerockAccording to a recent CRCO poll, Verizon Wireless ranks #1 as the most reliable carrier in Castle Rock among residents.

Those who have lived in Castle Rock for any given amount of time would agree that cellular coverage outside of downtown is spotty at best.

“I have AT&T and live east of town and have terrible coverage,” commented a Founders Village Resident. “The service out here is bad, but I’m stuck in contract so what else can I do?”

Rick R. said “My SPRINT I-Phone is a paperweight. Spending hundreds of dollars per month for dropped call every 10-15 seconds. Air-Rave does not make any difference. Wife’s Verizon account works perfectly. Can’t wait to finish my contract.”

Verizon Wireless raked in 75% of the vote followed by AT&T with 15%, Sprint with 6% and T-mobile with 4%.

Some residents have found providers who are willing to work with them to ensure they get coverage by providing them with a network extender. Network or Range Extenders (also known as MicroCells) help your wireless signal by boosting it so you can get a signal in more places throughout your home which ultimately eliminates dead spots.

Most network extenders extend coverage to a 5,000 sq/ft area.

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