Since 1987, Castle Rock has had a Council / manager form of government. Councilmembers are elected every other April and serve four-year terms. Council then selects the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem. The Mayor presides over Council meetings and casts one vote, like other Council members.

Council adopts ordinances (local laws); approves the Town budget, major contracts and agreements; makes major land-use decisions such as annexation, zoning, vesting rights, subdivision and development agreements; sets ballot questions; and establishes the overall direction and policy for Town staff to carry out. Council also appoints the Town manager, Town attorney, municipal judge and members of the Town’s boards and commissions.

George Teal, Councilman for District 6 opened the following discussion on his Facebook page:

Hey there Castle Rock friends: I am going to make a motion this evening to open up the vote for Mayor of Castle Rock to an at large election methodology instead of our current one where only the Members of Town Council select the Mayor. Should be an interesting discussion, come on by at 6pm to make your opinion heard.

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