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Missed this years Starligting Ceremony? CRCO was on top of Siena at the Courtyard and was able to tape the entire ceremony. Watch the entire unedited raw footage above.

Here’s some feedback we’ve received from our friends!

Bonnie Lake: Beautiful – great to see the fireworks again. We -family of 7). LOVED last evening – and thank The Lord for the beautiful night. Lighting the star reminded us of another important star 2000 years ago that shown brightly bringing hope and good cheer.

Sherry Combs: How cool is that…I think the surprise is the constantly changing colors of the starlights…

Pat R: Love the Star Lighting! Couldn’t get there this year so the live stream was awesome.

K.C. Neel: This is some terrific footage of our favorite faux holiday here in Castle Rock. For all my friends who live elsewhere, Castle Rock has been lighting up this star since the Depression. It was designed to give folks some hope and it has marked the beginning of the holiday season ever since. Thanks, Sean Hakes for working to make this very traditional and fun day available to everyone who couldn’t come downtown.

Gayla Shannon: Thank you so much for the live stream I really enjoyed I loved it. Also had no issues.

Angela N’Randy: Nice job!! Thank you so much for taking the time to do all of this! So lucky to have CRCO!

Krissy Lynn Foster: We planned on attending but a plumbing issue in the basement kept us unexpectedly home. THANK YOU!!!! We wanted to see the star light up and we did.

Victoria Tapp Sikes: Wow what a fun a fantastic place to be. I fortunately, was able to be live and in person….. but I had all my friends in IN watching the live streaming! Thank you to all who brought in the hi-tech!

Kelly Clark: Thank you! That was fun to be able to watch since I could be there in person.

Barbara Duffield Cochran: Nicely done!! Thank you.

Amy Mazzotti Youngman: Just watched from Palm Springs! We attend every year, and we were disappointed we wouldn’t be in town this year to be there in person. Thank you SO MUCH for streaming this!! My daughter and I watched and sang/counted down right along!

Stephanie: With the crowds and the darkness, it was hard for me to capture in pictures just why Starlighting in Castle Rock is so amazing. But I think this picture from the CR Facebook page pretty much says it all. This was downtown Castle Rock yesterday evening during the Starlighting events. Our downtown is so darn pretty, especially during the holidays!

CRCO tested the feed for about a week before the event and on the day, our Verizon Jetpack went out, then our Verizon reception did so we ran down to our office, fired up a signal booster for AT&T and ran the service from a single AT&T phone which fired right up at 4:58 and captured everything!

Thanks for your dedication and continued support!