It’s no secret that Castle Rock’s microbrew scene is exploding. Some of the best beer in not only Colorado but the United States is being brewed up right here in Castle Rock, Colorado.

CRCO created a central brewing guide at Our hopes is to create a central place residents and non-residents can get a snap shop and virtual experience of each brewery in Castle Rock. Participation in the guide is optional and will be hosted on the highly popular, and highly-trafficked

“We live in Colorado. We’ve heard about the microbrew buzz in Castle Rock but didn’t know where to start. We got some feedback from local residents on the Castle Rock Food & Drink Facebook group but are really excited for a website to hopefully browse the local breweries from one destination,” said Mark Robinson of Denver.

Why are people from all around Colorado rushing down to Castle Rock? The fact is, not only do we have a hot, up & coming microbrew scene, all of the breweries in Castle Rock are pumping out some impressive craft beer that captures the taste buds of really everyone.

“The residents of Castle Rock recognize we’ve got the best beer around. They also see how the owners of the breweries are working together in unity to ensure the scene continues to be the best experience among patrons,” said Sean Hakes, Founder of the Castle Rock Food & Drink Facebook Group and

In show of brewery unity, the owners of Burly, 105 W, Rockyard, Iron Mule Brewing, and Wild Blue Yonder created a Facebook group called Castle Rock CO Breweries where fans can get updates on local specials, events and more. Currently, the group has nearly 1,200 members.