Former Owners, Michael and Janine Glennon of VistaVino Modern Grill
Former Owners, & Founders, Michael and Janine Glennon of VistaVino Modern Grill

It’s official, Janine and Michael Glennon, Founder’s of one of Castle Rock’s finest restaurants, VistaVino Modern Grill have sold to now Owner, and Chef, Paul Epstein.

In a recent post from the Castle Rock Food & Drink Facebook Group, Janine Glennon wrote:

“It comes with great sadness to tell a community like Castle Rock who has embraced us so warmly that we sold VistaVino Modern Grill.

The good news is that the new chef owner, Paul Epstein, brings a long resume of experience. This ends a chapter for Michael and me but not for VistaVino.

Paul wants VistaVino to stay successful and similar to what Michael and I created. He is excited about this venture and loves Michael’s food. He plans on keeping many of your favorites on the menu and loves the quaint, family feel of VistaVino.

Michael and I hope that you all embrace Paul the same way we were welcomed into your community. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via FB, email, or phone. Much love to all!

– Janine Glennon”

VistaVino was without a doubt (and will continue to be) one of Castle Rock’s favorite restaurants. Loyal patrons have already bombarded the announcement with thanks and praise…

“Oh no! This was our favorite nicer restaurant here in CR. So bummed to hear this. Glad to hear the new owner wants it to stay similar and hope the menu continues to include our favorites. Hope the recipes were included in the sale- Your bolognese is the best I’ve had and we love so many other of the VistaVino classics as well. All the best to you!” wrote Mikaela Marie.

You can expect not much to change at VistaVino including many favorites dishes to remain.

CRCO first interviewed Janine and Michael in 2015 when they acquired the space from Uniscali.

Congratulations on the sale Michael and Janine. You’ve been a staple in the community since you opened VistaVino. While we’re sad to lose you, we’re thrilled that VistaVino will remain open and are excited to meet Chef Paul Epstine.