The Sharpest Rides

The Sharpest Rides has been hit with some negative publicity as of recent. Recently, a local news website claimed there has been 100’s of complaints against The Sharpest Rides. One of the articles even claimed that a former employee of the massive Denver used car dealer did, in fact, sell broken vehicles. Is there any truth to these claims?

While I don’t dispute the complaints I can share with you my experience. I first discovered The Sharpest Rides prob about 7 years ago. I purchased a red Volvo S60 R from them. Shortly after leaving the lot I started to have problems with the car. After several shop visits, the Owner agreed to take the car back and apologized for the inconvenience. Later, I decided to try out a black Dodge Ram 1500. The truck looked awesome. It ran well from the day I bought it. I later decided to get into something smaller and purchased a nearly new, Jeep Grand Cherokee – it was a gem.

When you first drop into The Sharpest Rides you’ll be greeted by extremely enthusiastic sales reps. The Owner, Kevin Sharp will probably even come out and chat it up with you. The pressure is minimal and the overall experience is pretty fun. It’s been great to watch this dealership grow and see the innovation the team at The Sharpest Rides are putting into the place.

One of the things I like about The Sharpest Rides besides the staff is the selection. They have everything from Honda Accords to Dodge Vipers and more. The selection is pretty fantastic for really any budget or need.

Back to the news report. The specific one I read said there were hundreds of complaints against The Sharpest Rides. According to my resources, The Sharpest Rides sells around 400 cars per month. That’s a ton. If you do the math, if there’s 100 complaints on vehicles that equates to roughly 0.69% of their customers.

I’ve asked around. I’ve shopped around and if there’s one thing that is for sure, you as the consumer need to have the car checked out by a 3rd party mechanic. That goes for any used car purchase, it’s not different for The Sharpest Rides.

Now, do your own research. Here are a few links where you can learn more about The Sharpest Rides and how they really do business…

You can also check out their inventory and read customer reviews at