RV Rental Denver

Thinking about heading out on the open road? The all-new, Outdoorsy has been taking the industry by storm by enabling consumers to rent out RVs that would typically sit in storage for months at a time to make a little extra cash.

Local RV owners like Sean Hakes (who also happens to own CRCO) have taken this incredible opportunity a step further by launching a full-service RV rental business using the Outdoorsy platform.

“My wife and I have always had a passion for RVing. Ten years ago, we purchased our first travel trailer and have been addicted since,” he said.

Currently, Hakes owns three RVs and has plans to have a total of 10 by 2021.

“The model makes sense. With the right marketing you should be able to bring in around $95,000 per year in RV rentals with just three RVs,” he added.

Hakes recently launched his own website, RV Rental Denver as a way to capture RV renters from not only Outdoorsy but Google, Social Media and more.

“Outdoorsy has created a huge opportunity for RV owners and enthusiasts like myself. I couldn’t be more excited,” Hakes concluded.