Opening the doors to the public is a double-edged sword for any new restaurant owner. Though it is exhilarating to finally see the wheels of the machine turn as patrons faces smile while dining in your establishment, it is equally nerve-racking to witness mistakes that will be made and ready yourself for the inevitable criticism that ensues. Wanting to give Copper Creek Chophouse some time to fill their britches, we thought to finally give them a holler.

Totally on a whim, Friday night with no reservations, we walked in to the Copper Creek Chophouse and were immediately seated- mind you, it was 8:30 p.m.; well after the dinner rush. After a short walk to our table through the snug dining area, we sat down to do our usual canvasing of the menu. Though the noise of the dining room made it a bit difficult to hear and have conversation, we turned up our talking levels to blend in with the boisterous atmosphere.

Waters were attended and our waiter for the evening appeared. Immediately we could read that Christian was a charismatic young man full of beer and food knowledge. After introducing the menu’s highlights, we held fast to our mantra of ordering a sample of many tastes. The usual smorgasbord of flavors from the list was decided upon and we asked that it all arrive at the same time. We kept a menu in case the portions left some room in our bellies.

Lost in our conversation, a short period of time passed and our food began arriving. The seared Brussels Sprouts started the parade and came to the table on a hot skillet, topped with fresh bacon morsels. The Lobster Bisque followed and was prepared at the table- the soup mixture was poured over small Lobster bits, spices and fresh cream. A skillet with a large cut of sizzling Rib eye promptly joined us, along with the oysters, lemon and apple Minuette (vinegar, diced shallot, minced parsley and cracked black pepper salsa).

chophouse2The sweet, vinegary, almost caramelized taste of the bacon Brussels Sprouts was so good, we found ourselves fighting over the last bite. The petite, east coast oysters, were sweet and savory, sliding easily down the palate. The Rib eye, however, came out a bit overdone and the Lobster Bisque could have had a little more flavor.

When Christian came back to check on us, we kindly let him know that while the steak tasted good, it was overdone. Immediately, Christian apologized for the mistake and whisked the steak away to the kitchen, only to have a new Rib eye, cooked medium, ordered to our table. Pleased with his effort, we couldn’t resist adding an order of delicious Truffle Parmesan Steak Fries to our feast.

Although the Bisque had a flat taste and steak number one was overdone, the overall experience was well worth the visit. The amazing service we received, and Christian’s willingness to fix mistakes, left us with a great impression of Copper Creek Chop House. And they definitely secured some extra points when multiple people said goodbye and thank you to us as we walked toward the exit, totally unaware that we were a part of CRCO.

It should also be mentioned that the bathroom is outside the restaurant and a key code is needed to enter. It’s isn’t a big deal when the weather cooperates, but when it doesn’t, we suggest holding your horses until you return home. Should you bring the kids? The atmosphere and tables are not necessarily conducive to little ones and we didn’t see a kids menu. It’s a place fit for business lunches or date nights. Your final bill is dependent on whether you decide to spoil yourself or just order some small plates, but you can expect to spend, at minimum, around $60-$75 for dinner and a few beers, with tip.


  1. Enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Copper Creek. Try the burger with the egg on top. Just delicious.
    Great service and great people watching out for us.

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