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3 Common Types of Residential Gutters

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A roof without gutters makes for a sad home. Your roof can help protect your home from precipitation and debris, but it needs gutters to flush that waste away from your home and foundation. If you need to install gutters in your home or are curious about replacement options for your current gutters you want to know what types of gutters are available. Let’s review three of the most common types of residential gutters to give you an overview of your options.

3 Types of Residential Gutters

Copper Gutters


Of the more common types of residential gutters, copper is arguably the most beautiful. Copper appeals to many people and copper gutters will slowly age to a stunning patina as time passes. Unlike other gutter types, copper gutters will look better as they age. Copper is a great match for Victorian and Manor-style homes.


Copper is not naturally abundant and is the most of expensive of the more common residential gutter types. Copper gutter contractors are also difficult to find when compared to steel or aluminum gutter installers. The cost of the material plus the cost of specialized contractors means a copper gutter installation is the most expensive option for residential gutters.

Steel Gutters


There aren’t many gutter materials as strong as steel. Steel is much more durable than aluminum or copper gutters and takes a pounding from driving precipitation and hail. A good color match to your home will look good too.


Steel gutters are much heavier than aluminum gutters and will cost more to buy and install. Steel gutters are also susceptible to break down and rust so choose a steel that’s specifically manufactured for gutters.

Aluminum Gutters


The most affordable option between the three common materials. Aluminum gutters are seamless and manufactured on your property right before installation. Aluminum gutters also come in several colors.


Aluminum gutters aren’t as strong as steel gutters and aren’t as eye-catching as copper, but aluminum is the best overall choice for most homeowners.

Copper, steel, and aluminum all their unique benefits and drawbacks, so your object is to choose a gutter that’s a great balance between quality and price. No matter which seamless gutters you choose the key to any gutter replacement is choosing a reputable gutter contractor to install them so they look great and function well.

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