Denver Crisis Communications

Even when you try to do everything perfectly, it only takes one misstep, oversight or simplistic mistake to spark a Public Relations nightmare and because of our current digital age, bad information and spread at the speed of light. Negative press about you or your business can reach coast to coast within seconds resulting in a financial and embarrassing nightmare for everyone involved.

AAERO, a Denver Crisis Communications PR firm helps businesses, individuals and brands alike respond back with a swift, effective communications plan designed to suppress and surpass negative content before it causes too much damage.

“Negative PR can happen at anytime, and sometimes, the PR can cause distrunction to brand with indirect consequences,” said Jack Blackmondd from AAERO Crisis Management in Denver, CO.

“Take Buffalo Exchange as an example. Buffalo Exchange temporarily closed all Colorado stores, cuts ties with franchisees as police investigate abuse allegations.”

Buffalo Exchange became under fire when dozens of employees came forward anonymously with actuations against Colorado franchise managing partner Patrick Todd Colletti.

What happened to these victims is despicable and unacceptable,” wrote Rebecca Block, Buffalo Exchange Corporate vice president, in a letter. “Their experiences are devastating. Let me be clear: I believe the victims.”

While the response from Buffalo Exchange was on point, search engine results for the brand are tarnished and will likely cause significant damage to the brand and revenue for years to come.

Corporate Communication businesses like AAERO help repair the damage done online through a variety of effective digital PR strategies and ORM (Online Reputation Management).

“Whether you’re in the wrong, or the right – you’ve got to clean up your negative press. If not, you could loose millions of dollars in lost revenue over time,” concluded Blackmondd.