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Dear Sean,

This is my first fan mail addressed to the owners of a website dedicated to a town in which I don’t live. Excuse me if I don’t know where to begin.

Why am I so excited about your extension to Parker? Because just 3 months ago, my family relocated to Colorado from Kentucky and your website alone drew me to this area. When my husband received a promotion that would bring us here to this beautiful state that we had never visited, I was a little overwhelmed. Our house in KY sold before it even went on the market, and suddenly, we had to find somewhere to live in the Denver area-quickly.

Despite looking at many homes in Castle Rock, the inventory was low in October, and we ultimately chose a home in nearby Parker. Initially I was disappointed because I had really had my heart set on Castle Rock. Your website not only shares useful information and reviews of local resources, but inherent in each post is the notion that Castle Rock doesn’t just have great restaurants, locally owned businesses and a healthy lifestyle, it also has a heart. It’s a community. A proud one. I wanted to be part of that community solely because of your social media outreach. This is where you can pat yourselves on the back, by the way.

I do often go to Castle Rock for lunch at Yolanda’s Tacos, or for coffee at Cookies and Crema.  I find the children’s section of the Castle Rock branch of the Douglas County Library system to be one of the best. Our pediatrician’s practice is in Castle Rock as well. But I live in Parker, not Castle Rock. I am not one to try to keep up with the neighbors, so rather than let the envy of your community prevent me from noticing the great aspects of my own Parker, I have tried to keep my distance and settle in here.

When trying to connect and discover resources, I could not find a definitive site for all things Parker that did not feel like a government-run promotional site updated semi-annually.  This brings us to my elation yesterday when when I discovered on Facebook that your team is reaching out to us.I look forward to a page/site that will provide citizens of my city with the same sense of pride that the CRCO site provides to its community while also demonstrating to those outside the city limits that Parker has great things to offer as well. Maybe some residents of Castle Rock might wander up and poke their head into our establishments as well.
Again, I have never written fan mail, so I don’t know how to end this other than to say well done, thank you, and welcome!