Adriana's Restaurant in Franktown

On the edge of Franktown, you will find a little white house with the name ‘Adriana’s’ printed on a sign atop its roof. Having tried several locations serving local Mexican fare, it has proven itself to be the go-to place for those looking for authentic, flavorful and affordable south of the border eats.

Short on time, the executive decision was made to phone in our lunch order for pickup. Obviously, it was good news that the smothered chile relleno plate and smothered chicken burrito with rice would only take 10 minutes to prepare. And it just so happens that that was also the perfect amount of time needed to travel our local on the southeast side of Town, near Founders Village.

From Castle Rock, the most direct trek to Adriana’s is to head towards Franktown via Colorado Interstate 86. You won’t miss seeing it on your right, once the road intersects with CO I-83. Grabbing the last parking spot, we walked through their inviting outdoor patio that we bet fills up in the evenings when the sun starts to go down.

Adriana's patio
Adriana’s patio

Once inside, the aroma of green chile filled our noses. The interior is bright with colorful walls, reminding patrons of somewhere in Mexico. A small reception area leads you past the quaint little bar and into the first of two dining areas. It has a casual mixture of booths and tables for those who choose to dine in. The relaxed atmosphere fits just about anyone of any age.

Adriana's dining room
Adriana’s dining room

It just so happened that Adriana herself popped up to see what our needs were, telling us our order was just about ready. During our few minute wait, she stayed to entertain us with small talk even though the dining room was hoppin.’ And once our order came up, it was promptly bagged and we were on our way home – the 10 minutes time we were quoted was spot on.

Finally sitting at the kitchen table, we wasted no time diving into our food. The chile rellenos were loaded with tasty cheese, slightly crispy and smothered with green chile. And though the refried beans were delicious and the moist rice was well-seasoned, it was the green chile whose taste made our eyes pop! With every bite, we were reminded of eating homemade chile at grandma’s house; chili that made your eyes water slightly and warmed your belly.

Chile relleno plate
Chile relleno plate

The smothered chicken burrito was no disappointment either. The shredded chicken had good flavor, wrapped inside a flour tortilla, dressed with pico, sour cream and more of our favorite green chile. Spanish rice again came on the side for us to enjoy with the meal.

Chicken burrito plate
Chicken burrito plate

Along with serving outstanding Mexican food, we loved the welcoming atmosphere of the location, as well as the entertaining customer service. Adriana’s is simple, quaint restaurant, with a speedy kitchen and good prices – two people, meals and drinks, can expect to receive a final bill around $30 – 40, with tip. It’s a price that’s very reasonable for the quality and authenticity of food happy patrons receive. Our experience at Adriana’s will have us planning future trips to dine in and lounge on their patio with a few cervezas…

Adriana’s Restaurant

7272 E Highway 86
Franktown, CO
(303) 663-7800