CRCO - Castle Rock, CO

Comcast business, in conjunction with Castle Rock Economic Development Council wants to better service existing local businesses, as well as to appear more attractive to future business integration. In order to do this, new fiber-based Ethernet services have now been made available to businesses in Castle Rock.

“Supporting our bold, entrepreneurial vision to turn Castle Rock into a key business and innovation center, this investment by Comcast Business will help us attract new businesses to the area that need a high-bandwidth solution to run their business effectively,” said Frank Gray, president and CEO of the Castle Rock Economic Development Council.

Music to business owner’s ears, this upgrade will take much of the frustration out of waiting for things like the transfer of data. Put simply, if upload and download speeds are faster, businesses are able to send and receive data at much faster speeds.

Capable of 10 gigs-per-second, the new technology is likewise being offered to meet requirements of businesses looking to ‘talk’ with other locations. These new updates will further streamline communication for businesses like Castle Rock Adventist Hospital, as well as other organizations looking to network with multiple entities and/or connect with a third party.

Gray added, “Whether for high-capacity Internet access or to reach cloud services or data centers, fiber connectivity is increasingly a must-have for businesses across all industries and we are now equipped to meet that tremendous demand.”