Soon-to-be dads attempting to change a diaper

Castle Rock Adventist Hospital wants new dads to be prepared for the fun storm of parenthood. Over Father’s Day weekend, they held a free daddy boot camp to give soon-to-be fathers some confidence in their new job.

The event was attended by husbands with wives in the last trimester of pregnancy. During the class, veteran dads used props, along with their own babies, to help instructor, Ron Araki, give a crash course on what new dads can expect.

Araki used the alloted 3-hours to demonstrate daily activities that don’t always come naturally to first-time parents, especially men. This included tasks like how to feed, burp and ‘safely’ change diapers, without getting your shirt wet. Expectant fathers were also given the standard crying checklist.

The rest of the time was spent discussing other issues that are sometimes overlooked during all the excitement. Equally important, Araki talked about ways to make mom comfortable after arriving back home, how to bond with your baby and about managing your time in the new role of daddy.

For those interested in taking a future ‘Daddy Boot Camp’ course, visit: or call Jacque Northrop, Family Educator at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital, at 720.455.0355.