Owner Byron Wheeler in front of the Burger King site off Founders Parkway

One of Castle Rock’s greatest attributes is the sense of community felt by the residents of this beautiful Town. Attractive to many, it is one of the reasons the population continues to grow by leaps and bounds. After moving to Castle Rock for work, and experiencing its charm, Byron Wheeler and his family knew this was where they wanted to call home.

Wheeler is the franchise owner of the existing Burger King off Wolfsenberger, as well as the one under construction off Founders Parkway. A Texas native, he first made the move to Castle Rock while originally working as the Director of Burger King Corporate for several years.

His prior position had him doing a lot of traveling between Colorado and Florida and left him feeling unsettled. “After experiencing 6 weeks of Castle Rock’s charm, I realized that the community was more important than a paycheck, so we decided this was home and there was an urgency to find long term stability for our family,” Wheeler concluded.

This is when the idea of opening up a franchise was born. On January 1st, Wheeler and his financial partner, Ted Blank, another Douglas County resident, bought the first of 5 Burger King franchises. After years of working within the Burger King Corporation, Wheeler used his knowledge of the business, as well as his love for Castle Rock, to implement a fast food restaurant in Town that is like no other.

Though the tremendous growth hasn’t gone without controversy, as some want to keep Castle Rock small, it is fair to say there are many benefits of this type of building: namely jobs. Due to open May 1st, the 30 new jobs created by the new Burger King is a great addition to our local community. For Castle Rock, this also means there is another place the community can gather to support a local business owner…who can beat that?