Our Town is continuing to lead the way nationwide in its water conservation efforts. Last year, Castle Rock was seen to have the lowest per capita residential water usage; well under most of the use for other nearby areas of the Denver Metro.

“We are a leader in the state for water conservation,” stated Rick Schultz, Water Conservation Specialist for Castle Rock. That’s due to the fact, that among other things, residents have stuck to a planned watering schedule since 1985. This collaborative effort is one of the main reasons residents have helped keep us from tapping out the system.

Simply by watering on your address’s scheduled days each month, locals have been able to preserve water in case of emergency. As many know, watering our lawns can be quite taxing on the system. For example, if we all watered at once, there would be little to no water left to fight fires if one were to break out at your home.

Residents have also been team players in the game by agreeing to participate in other water conservation rebate programs.

Rebates have been presented to participants of Castle Rock’s Conservation Rebate Incentive Program when having Smartscape renovation done to their property. This process involves changing out grass and other plants that require considerable water and replacing them with rocks, stones and other landscape that need little to no water.

Conserving water by Smartscaping the yard
Conserving water by Smartscaping the yard

The incentive program likewise rewards residents with returns when they agree to have their property updated and retrofitted with other items; rotary nozzles, smart irrigation controllers and rain sensors. “We really, again, appreciate the community for embracing these (changes),” thankfully noted Schultz.

What does this mean for you? Combined efforts in this area of local water conservation has paved the way to further changes. Starting June 1, 2015, no watering hours for the Town of Castle Rock will be expanded. Whereas previously watering was to occur between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m., residents will now be encouraged to water before 8 a.m. and after 8 p.m.

2015 New Watering Schedule