Who doesn’t love sinking their teeth in to a tasty, juicy burger – the kind of burger that drips a little on the sides of your mouth, sending your taste buds through the roof? If you’re on the North side of Castle Rock, you’ll want to stop by Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers for a patty that will haunt your dreams, because it’s THAT GOOD.

In a fun, diner-like setting (that throws you back to the burger joints of the 50’s) you’ll find an overwhelming menu of what Freddy’s notes as ‘America’s tastiest meals.’

IMG_20150324_113047539_HDRTheir menu boasts homemade custard desserts, savory steakburgers, chicken breast and veggie burger sandwiches and hot dogs that make a memorable impression at the table. And while they feature some house favorite combinations, all tasty bites can be made to order with a wide variety of toppings and condiments at little or no charge.

To get most bang for the buck, we ordered lunch from the choices on the combo menu. It was a hard decision, because everything looks good when you’re hungry, but the number four combination was the final choice. It had both a steakburger and hotdog, finished with a side of fries and a drink.

IMG_20150324_120036670However, instead of a drink, Debbie, the ultra helpful, friendly cashier, easily talked me into substituting my drink for a ‘Hawaiian Delight’ custard dessert, for a minimal extra cost – which they put on hold and then made when you are ready for it!

Our second order was a number six combo: a double steakburger, California Style, topped with cheese, onion, mayo and ketchup, with the same accompaniment, fries and a drink. But again we made a substitution, taking away the fries and trading them for a cup of chili. Again, the changes were no big deal to the cheery cashier because they wanted to be sure we were happy with our order.

We sat at one of the high-bar table no longer than seven minutes, when we heard our order numbers called over the loud speaker. In that setting, the intercom paging system seems to work really well and can be heard through speakers in the bathroom and on their outside patio. Just be sure to hold onto your ticket so you don’t miss your food.

After hearing our number, we walked over to the counter to pick up our food, presented in a basket with festive red and white picnic tablecloth patterned paper. Hot and steamy goodness immediately filled our noses as we dove into our individual creations. The steakburgers were done just right – the right amount of saltiness and texture gave an immediate feeling of comfort.

Similarly, the generous sized hotdog (see picture) was cooked just right and the chili was flavorful (It was topped with a little too much cheese, but it was easy enough to scoop to the side). We were also big fans of the shoestring fries that are dangerously easy to eat.

Though we should warn you that this isn’t a place to eat very often if you are counting calories. Some of their steakburgers with a side of fries can push 700 calories or more, depending on what you order. Also adding a custard dessert (which are AMAZING) can tip the ‘Weightwatchers’ scale, unless you share it.

Another way to lighten up your meal is by skipping the bun, cheese and bacon and foregoing the fries. Freddy’s is a delectably cool burger joint for kids and adults alike!

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers
1346 New Beale St
Castle Rock, CO
(303) 951-8300