One of the Town's Elgin Pelican street sweepers

Street sweeping machines are a vital part of our Town’s maintenance service. Used to remove dirt, leaves and trash, among other things, street sweepers also help control run-off pollutants that cling to dust particles in the air.

Have you ever wondered what our Town would look like if we didn’t have street sweeping machines? Often, residents don’t realize what a influential role these big boys play in keeping Castle Rock roadways clear of debris and looking sharp. Street Operations and Maintenance crews were out yesterday doing some ‘Spring Cleaning.’

“We have a total of four sweepers for the whole Town,” said Will Layne, Senior Operator for Castle Rock, “Besides doing general maintenance throughout the winter, we clear the streets for all of Castle Rock twice a year.”

Castle Rock currently uses four sweepers to assist with roadway cleanup
Castle Rock currently uses four sweepers to assist with roadway cleanup

This necessary cleaning process reduces cars from skidding in the winter, when salt and gravel are left behind from snow removal trucks. During the major Spring and Fall cleanups, further roadway debris, loose gravel, leaves and litter are likewise disposed of in order to both keep the roads safe and pleasing on the eyes.

A simple design, street sweepers work by using rotating, heavy bristled brushes to grab debris and shuttle them into a vacuum or conveyer that moves the dirt into a holding tank for later disposal.

Almost simultaneously, dirt is sprayed with only water to minimize dust getting blown back into the air. “We are mandated by the EPA, so no chemicals are used. It’s done in such a way so that we avoid further pollution. Castle Rock doesn’t want a brown cloud over it like Denver,” he remarked.

Starting Monday, sanitation crews will continue their Spring removal of street debris for the entire Town. They will be in the Castlewood Ranch area should you be inspired to give them a wave of thanks for making Castle Rock look spiffy.