When Brandon Lee bought his first house, his discovered the process of buying a house piqued his interests. “So it was after buying our first in 2009, I really liked the process and learned a lot. I knew it was something I wanted to get into,” Lee described. In 2011, Brandon dove into the real estate world and became a licensed real estate agent.

Having worked with other real estate agencies, Brandon decided to start his own at the beginning of the year. His wife, Kara, joined him in the business when she became licensed this year. Together, they opened up the local real estate company: Douglas County Real Estate.

In a town where it seems there are too many real estate agents to count, Brandon and Kara say they are different because they take the blue-collar approach to real estate. You won’t see them driving fancy cars or walking around in business suits anytime soon.

“We just try to be down to earth and casual. We like when our clients end up as friends and not just clients,” Brandon and Kara described.

Business isn’t slowing down for this real estate duo either. Castle Rock is growing by the day, which means there are always more houses for people to buy and sell.

“Everyone likes the newer suburb with the small town feel and big town amenities. It’s drawing everyone out here and it doesn’t feel like we’re half way to Colorado Springs anymore,” Brandon described the real estate boom. The home prices in Castle Rock have rose to new levels, and buyers continue to be drawn to our community.

“Home buying is a really stressful process for everyone. I find that an informed client is a key to making this a positive experience. So I try to inform them, the pros and cons, every single step of the way,” Brandon said about the process. Both Brandon and Kara are ready for the growth and ready to help those who are heading towards buying and selling.

Douglas County Real Estate is local by name and nature, but Brandon says they have sold homes everywhere.

If you’re looking to make the jump and need two real estate agents for the price of one, call Brandon and Kara at (720) 579-8728 or visit their website at