For almost anyone reading this, there was a time when you maybe saw or passed a really nice high priced car and thought, “If I could only take that for a spin!” For others, the idea of driving an exotic car is a dream that is seemingly too far out of reach. Fortunately, for Castle Rock residents, that past thought or dream of driving a really nice and really expensive car can now become a reality.

lamborghini murcielagoLocal businessman and entrepreneur, Jim Mundle, is launching Overdrive Exotics today in the Castle Rock area. The premise is simple: you get to take a Lamborghini Murcielago for a spin around the area and check off that item from your bucket list. “Some people only dream of this, we make it possible,” Jim described about the experience.
Currently operating out of the parking lot at Plum Creek Church, Overdrive Exotics has two different packages that will make your inner car enthusiast’s day. The first package includes taking the 640hp, V-12 Lamborghini Murcielago on a 15, 30, 45 or 60-mile ride. With a professional driver riding along in the passenger seat, you will nothing to worry about even if you have never driven an exotic car previously.

lamborghini murcielagoFor those not old enough to drive yet or those who want to experience what Overdrive Exotics has to offer, there’s a deal for you too. Get picked up at your house and dropped off at school in a smoking hot red Lamborghini. This once in a lifetime deal is offered to elementary, middle and high school students at the low rate of $75. The only conditions are the student must live within 5 miles of the school they attend in Castle Rock and a waiver must be signed.

Overdrive Exotic is really all about the experience. Not very many people can say they have driven a Lamborghini Murcielago or have been dropped off at school in one. “Its more to it than the speed,” Jim Mundle explained. Only around 3400 of these cars are made per year so don’t miss out on your opportunity to experience it. Starting today, September 15th, call 720-517-1855 to book your deal with Overdrive Exotic.