Castle Rock Moms Hit it Big on Shark Tank


Two local moms took their business idea in front of the masses on last night’s episode of Shark Tank. Danielle Stangler and Julia Rossi tried to present their soon-to-be patented, flavored face wipes, hoping to get a bite from the group of successful entrepreneurs.

The inspiration for ‘NeatCheeks’ happened when Danielle and her family were out having dinner at a restaurant. Having forgot her package of baby-wipes, Danielle remembered her husband grabbing a napkin and accidentally dipping it in a glass of Lemonade to try to clean her 18-month-old’s messy face. “She started saying yummy, more- because it wasn’t water in my husband’s cup, it was lemonade. That’s when the idea of a flavored face wipe was born.”

But it’s not just flavoring that makes the wipes a desirable product, instead of using plain sugar to add sweetness, they use Stevia; a residue free, sugar substitute. And using their own children as test subjects, they have seen the appeal of the taste. “In each package, as a parent, you get 12 happy experiences when you wipe their face,” Rossi said, “(Using our six, combined kids)Through this process we have been able to develop, fine tune and make sure we are bringing the best product to the market.”

After surviving the tough inquisition from the team of Sharks, and haggling over the details of the transaction, Stangler and Rossi were able to secure the deal they originally sought. They made the decision to enter into a partnership with Barbara Corcoran, who awarded $150,000 to support “NeatCheeks” in exchange for 20 percent equity in the company.

Congratulations to Stangler and Rossi from CRCO for securing a pretty ‘sweet’ deal!

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