Kitchen Coordinator, Kay Wolfe, helps create a pleasant lunch experience for guests at the Senior Center, three days a week.

It’s hard to find the energy to cook a decent meal if you are a senior adult who lives alone or with family who work during the day. Understanding that, the Castle Rock Senior Center has partnered with Volunteers of America to make sure members of our golden population have access to freshly prepared nutritious meals, three days a week.

Kay Wolfe, who has volunteered at the local senior center for the past two years, was recently promoted to Kitchen Coordinator. She is glad to see some seniors taking advantage of the program.

“We serve around 25 or so meals here every Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays,” said Wolf. “Seniors just show up, sign in and give a suggested donation of $2.50 if they can.” But if they can’t afford the few dollars, they won’t be turned away.

Warm meals are well-balanced and preparation and temperature of any food abides by strict health codes.

“They are really good meals with a main dish, a side of vegetables or bread and a dessert,” she said. Meal time starts at 11:30 am and what is being served for the days is listed on their website. Not only are the meals nutritious, but because both organizations have to abide by strict health codes, seniors and their families can be reassured that anything served is of the best quality.

And food never goes to waste. “We even have to-go boxes so they can take food home if they don’t finish it,” Wolfe added. Kay and her team package up leftovers and make sure a freshness date is on the box.

The good food is paired with good company, giving them a time to socialize with other peers of their generation. “I enjoy that I get to talk with people who come in each week and hear about how they are doing,” added Wolfe.

Senior Center Executive Director, Debbi Haynie, would like to see more seniors come in to take advantage of the program.

But Senior Center Director Debbi Haynie would like to see numbers increase, especially on Fridays. “Tuesdays and Thursdays are pretty solid, but we would like to see more come in to eat on Fridays,” Haney added.  “Along with the food, it’s a good reason to get them out of the house and find out what else is going on here at the center.”

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