The Castle Rock Town Council met on Tuesday night, August 18th. All council members were present except for Councilmember Ford. The meeting opened with the traditional invocation by Pastor Donald Haymon II of Calvary Apostolic Church of Denver followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by Boy Scout Troop 780

Some of the first orders of business were council comments, where Councilmember Teal read a letter from the Board of Denver Regional Council of Governments detailing the completion of two projects. The traffic systems were upgraded at Wolfensberger road, Wilcox and 5th Street, as well as Plum Creek Parkway. Councilmember Valentine also followed with her comment about an event being held downtown this weekend, Concert Under the Lights. It will be held on Saturday at 7PM.

Comments were followed two proclamations by the council. The first proclamation, ID 2015-191, celebrated Kuno, a police dog for his service to Castle Rock and authorization of his retirement from service. “Also, I would like to recognize Officer Tom O’Donald because as good of job as Kuno has done over the years, its because of Tom,” Police Chief Jack Cauley added. The second proclamation was ID 2015-192, which was a Nomination of Trustee, nominating Fire Chief Art Morales to Colorado Firefighter Heart and Circulatory Benefits Trust. The nomination carried with 6-0 passing vote.

Next up on the agenda were unscheduled public appearances. Mayor Donahue talked briefly about the possibility of moving the Colorado State Fair to Castle Rock from Pueblo and the feasibility of doing so. “What I’d like to do is get possibly get consensus from council to direct staff to begin to have some conversations about the possibility of moving the Colorado State Fair here to Castle Rock and what we need to do to compete for that,” Mayor Donahue mentioned. Mike Boyle, a Castle Rock resident, followed the comments by the mayor, which he informed the council and attendees about the Taste of Douglas County, an event happening on August 20th at the Douglas County Events Center. This ended the unscheduled public appearances.

The Town Manager’s Report was next which included mid-year reports from the service contracts, monthly department reports and an update on alternative water supply sources. Imported water was the subject of the alternative water supply update. “One of the most excited things that has happen is we have actually gotten an amended permit from the Army Corps of Engineers to store water in the Rueter-Hess Reservoir. It’s kind of like an act of Congress to get a permit from the Corps of Engineers so it is very exciting,” Utilities Director Mark Marlowe said.

Consent Calendar followed the Town Manager’s Report. These items were voted on a single motion without discussion. First on the list was Ordinance 2015-36, which was the approving of an easement agreement between the Town of Castle Rock and IREA. The second item was Resolution 2015-71 which was the approving of the Town of Castle Rock Services Agreement with Project One Integrated Services, LLC for Plan Review and Inspection Services for the Promenade at Castle Rock Development Project. The last item on the Consent Calendar was Resolution 2-15-72 which was the approving of a service agreement with Burns and McDonnell to complete Design and Bid Phase Services for the Water Infrastructure and Supply Efficiency (WISE) Local Infrastructure Design Project. The Consent Calendar items were accepted and passed by the council members 6-0.

Quasi-Judicial hearings were next. Public comments were limited to 4 minutes per speaker. First item was RES 2015-73, which was the approval of the site development plan for the proposed Lot 1, Block 1, Promenade at Castle Rock, Filing No. 1. This site development plan related to a larger retail center adjacent to I-25. The project is approximately 25 ½ acres and located in the northeast portion of the Promenade at Castle Rock. The Planning Commission recommended approval with the condition of a clean site development plan. After hearing from a representative from Alberta Development Partners about the site, the town council passed the resolution, 6-0. The next resolution, RES 2015-74, was the site development plan approval for Lot 1, Block 4, Promenade at Castle Rock, Filing No. 1. More specifically, the applicant was seeking approval for the design of the Sam’s Club. Council members also approved this site development plan 6-0. “ I don’t know about anyone else but I’m excited for Sam’s Club,” Mayor Donahue said.

Advertised Public Hearings and Discussion Action Items started with ID 2015-197, which was the Discussion/Direction: Speaker Procedures for Unscheduled Public Appearances. After discussion from both council members and town residents, the suggestion was made by Mayor Donahue to have a priority on residents that want to speak during the unscheduled public appearances part of the meeting as well as keeping those time limits to 3 minutes per speaker. Councilmember Wilson was the only opposing vote to this motion, citing he believed there shouldn’t be any time limits.

Ordinance 2015-37 was the repealing and readoption of Section 17.52.230 of Castle Rock Municipal Code Concerning Home Occupations. The concerns were stated that the regulations for home-based business were outdated and needed an update to reflect better rules for our town currently. Castle Rock town residents are now allowed to operate home business in all resident zones, including planned developments. HOA’s and CCR’s still have say over this, even though council approved this ordinance with a vote of 6-0.

ID 2015-198, discussion and direction as it pertains to Community Development Block Grant Entitlement Community Status was next on the agenda. This would allow the discussion of accepting federal funds to make improvements to the town according to the requirements of the Federal Government. Several Castle Rock residents spoke out against the motion. Council members voted against the motion 5-1, with Councilmember Wilson supporting the motion.

ORD 2015-38 detailed approving an agreement between the Town of Castle Rock and Castle Pines Homes Association, Inc. and Authorizing Grant of Certain Easements. This was the first reading. The council approved it, 6-0. This was followed by RES 2015-75 which was approved 6-0, approving a design/build contract with Sabell’s Enterprise for the Wolfensberger Bridge Project.

ORD 2015-29 that was described as calling a Special Municipal Election of the Town of Castle Rock on November 3, 2015 as part of the coordinated election for the purpose of submitting to the registered electors of the town proposed amendments to the Town of Castle Rock home rule charter and providing for the conduct of such Election (Second Reading). The council with a 6-0 vote approved this ordinance.

ORD 2015-30 proposed establishing a general election date in November in even numbered years as the Town of Castle Rock regular bi-annual election date and referring to the Electorate the question of approving these charter amendments at the special municipal election on November 3, 2015; and providing for its emergency adoption on second and final reading. Councilmember Wilson, along with some Castle Rock residents, questioned whether or not the wording, “emergency adoption” was actually needed. It is because of this he voted against the ordinance in the 5-1 vote.

ORD 2015-31 proposed an amendment to Section 7-3 of the Town of Castle Rock Home Rule Charter to authorize the public notice of ordinances by made by posting on the town’s website and referring to the electorate the question of approving this charter amendment as the special municipal election on November 3rd, 2015. Emergency adoption would be on second and final reading. Once again, residents and Councilmember Wilson questioned the use of the wording, “emergency adoption” and voted against this ordinance in a 5-1 vote.

ORD 2015-32 proposed the increase of required signatures from 5% to 10% of registered voters on a referendum petition. This would be voted on in the November 3rd election with emergency adoption on its second and final reading. Many Castle Rock residents spoke against this, saying that 5% was hard enough to obtain. Councilmember Wilson voted against this ordinance in a 5-1 vote.

ORD 2015-33 proposed an amendment to Section 15-1(b) of the Town of Castle Rock Home Rule Charter to increase the required signatures of registered voters from 10% to 15% on a initiative referendum. This would be voted on in November and adopted by emergency measures in its second and final reading. Both Councilmember Teal and Councilmember Wilson opposed this ordinance in a 4-2 vote.

ORD 2015-34 proposed an amendment to Section 15-6 of the Town of Castle Rock Home Rule Charter to change the timeframe of which a petition for referendum or initiative may be withdrawn. This would go to a vote in November and adopted by emergency measures on its second and final reading. Councilmember Wilson voted no on this 5-1 vote.

ORD 2015-35 proposed an amendment to Section 15-1 and Section-15-2 of the Town of Castle Rock Home Rule Charter to provide for the withdrawal of a signature from an initiative or referendum petition. This would be voted on in November and adopted by emergency measures on it second and final reading. Councilmember Wilson voted against it in a 5-1 vote.

For ID 2015-199, Water Resources Manager, Matthew Benak, gave an update on the Plum Creek Diversion project. He stated that it was the least expensive project and will cover about 50% of future reusable water supplies. The hope is to have the diversion structure operational in 2017.

And rounding out the night was ID 2015-200, which was an update to a flood damage report. Stormwater manager, David Van Dellen, gave an update about damage caused by flooding in June 2015 in the East Plum Creek area. Flooded basements, erosion in channel systems, and trail damage were all reported. Construction has began to repair these damages.
Around 10pm, after a four-hour meeting, the Town Council Meeting was adjourned. To watch the full meeting, please visit