Do flower retailers hike up the price of roses because they know we will want them for our beaus and sweeties for Valentine’s Day? While it is easy to assume that is the case, the answer to that question is little more complicated then that…

Because of the popularity of gifting roses during this holiday, the demand sets off a whirlwind of events for growers in Columbia, Mexico and Ecuador so to meet the needs of the public. Trying to satisfy this requirement within a set timeframe means the push eventually boils down to roses costing more.

Along with the general understanding of how supply and demand can affect cost (think back to Economics 101), there are also other factors at play. For one, labor costs increase at farms because they need more hands to harvest the fresh crop. More people are needed, so farmers have to recoup some of their money by selling the wholesale lot at a slightly higher rate.

Secondly, there are extra costs associated with transporting the valuable blooms. Simply, because of the larger volume, more trucks and planes must be used to export the flowers to the U.S. More shipping vehicles equals more gas – and we all know that gas isn’t cheap – especially airplane fuel.

Then there are other things to add into the equation, such as, the quality of the rose. If you are looking to get a bouquet with long stems, the length of stem factors into the cost. The roses that you find in the grocery store chains, though cheaper, won’t have the graceful 60-70 inch stem.

Florist shops likewise pay more for roses with a sweet scent. This is another case of getting what you pay for. Because the florist pays more for a lot of flowers that fill a room with their beautiful smell, they too have to cover the cost for their unique quality.

In a nutshell, there are many factors that affect what you will pay for your bouquet of roses this time of year. But as we all know, Valentine’s Day only comes around once a year. The look, smell and appearance of what you pay for will go a long way when you warm your darling’s heart with something truly unique and special- just like them.

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