Former Town Manager Mark Stevens

As our former Town Manager, Mark Stevens, embarks on a new chapter of his life, it is clear, he will be sorely missed. Having made Castle Rock a priority for the past 14 years, he has succeeded in carrying the torch of those before him.

Over his career, he has held fast to a clear vision for the future of the community, seeing the creation and implementation of various integral moving parts of out Town; amidst a surge of residents that more than doubled the population of Castle Rock.

Led by Castle Rock Mayor, Phil Donahue, last week, Steven’s was given an Honorary Proclamation in front an audience of peers and friends, for his service to the the Town of Castle Rock. As Mayor spoke, he tried to convey the sentiment of the employees of the Town, as well as his own.

“Whereas this Town, under Mark’s leadership has grown to be something special,” he continued, “we have grown to the Town we want to be as we continue to focus on our future – even as we must say goodbye to a thoughtful, passionate and humble leader.”

The Mayor went on to mention the numerous projects Steven’s has helped orchestrate, with the help of his ‘team’. Under Steven’s leadership, the long list of his efforts have served to improve the inter-workings of Castle Rock. Notable projects mentioned were:

1. Developing a utilities department
2. Implementing a long term water plan and developing the Plum Creek Water Treatment Facility
3. Outlining and funding a Transit Master Plan
4. Creating new parks, like Philip S. Miller Park, and connecting the trail systems
5. Starting a Development Services Department focused on public safety and investing in downtown
6. Developing town staff
7. Envisioning the North Meadows extension

After concluding a summary of his career as Town Manager, the microphone was passed to Steven’s. An emotional room, Steven’s tried to lighten the mood as he recalled having attended numerous council meetings over the years. “I’ve been to over 600 council meetings…(he smiled) some longer than others.”

But as he went on, the respect and gratitude he had for his fellow employees was heard. He wanted them to understand, working as their leader, had likewise inspired him. “You have been my inspiration, that everyday I come to work, my goal is to do my job as well as you do yours,” he went on, “Thank you for setting the bar so high for all of us.”