Denver nightlife

Castle Rock is home to thousands of young families, small businesses, and miles of outdoor hiking trails and parks. Whether you’re looking to fill the kids’ time with fun activities, or sit down for happy hour with some close friends, entertainment in Castle Rock is often accompanied with a small-town feel and great community. You live here because it’s a great place live and raise a family. Sometimes a night out on the town is the best way to get out of the day-to-day routine, and see new faces and places in this beautiful state.

Why Denver Nightlife is Where It’s At

The South of Colfax Nightlife District, or SoCo as it is widely known, is located in the Capitol Hill and Golden Triangle Neighborhoods of Denver, Colorado. It’s where Denver nightlife begins and ends for many who venture to this area every evening for happy hour, dancing, and more. Home to several restaurants and entertainment venues, the nightlife in SoCo is designed to fit a variety of preferences and lifestyles. SoCo offers nightlife entertainment, much different than that of Castle Rock. Check out these three reasons why your next night out with friends should be a change of Castle Rock pace, in the SoCo Nightlife District.

Something New

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life in Castle Rock. Between the traffic on founders and the pop-up construction that happens week to week, it seems like staying in town and close to home is the most convenient option for a night out.

Colorado is a big state. With over 5.3 million people, there’s always new faces and places to see and meet! The variety of restaurants and venues in the SoCo Nightlife district create opportunities to meet new people and change from the familiar scenery of the rock on a hill. This developing part of town is sure to surprise you with the styles of dancing, music, eateries, and community that can be found outside of Douglas County lines.

Later Hours

Castle Rock’s family-friendly community is great for family activities. Leaving the kids with a babysitter changes the way you have a night out with adults. You may not be the night-owl that you used to be, but a night out with friends often leads to great laughs and losing track of time. The majority of eateries and tap rooms in Castle Rock close around 10 PM.

With limited options for nightlife past 10, Castle Rock doesn’t have the entertainment opportunities to keep the good times rolling. The SoCo Nightlife District is designed to create diverse atmospheres with a range of entertainment, music, and activities that are open past bedtime.


Whether you find it in the music and entertainment, the menus and bars, or the community of people spending the night out, the SoCo Nightlife District is sure to add diversity to your nightlife routine. Your group can find PreParty eats at The Living Room, check out a local artist at the City Hall Events Venue, and leave your mark on the dancefloor at Club Vinyl.

Each venue leaves visitors to become regulars by capturing the spirit of diversity through a variety of options, guaranteed to be different from anything that comes through Castle Rock.

Check out Clubs of Colorado’s SoCo Nightlife District and experience a change in the way you spend the night out with friends. Taste the food, feel the music, see new faces, and think outside the Rock.

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