mosquito protection

The Zika virus is making headlines worldwide as Brazil combats an outbreak that’s spreading through South and Central America. Mosquitos carry the virus through tropical and humid climates, and cases have begun to develop in the United States. That’s where one Delaware-based lawn care company has found an easy solution to help combat mosquitoes that may carry the Zika virus. Let’s learn more about the Mosquito Marshalls at Lawns Unlimited and how they’re helping consumers fight mosquitoes and more.

Why You Need Mosquito Protection

Lawns Unlimited is the only certified MistAway System installer in the Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia region and they stand by the system, which is why they’re confident this system can help rid any property of mosquitoes whether you’re in Castle Rock, New York or somewhere in between. With two confirmed cases of the Zika virus in Delaware alone, they’re reaching out to customers and educating consumers across the nation of the importance of a mosquito repellent system on their property.

The MistAway System is just one such mosquito and insect repellent system you can use on your property to rid it of mosquitoes. A system like this uses cartridges to spray your property at certain intervals and can be installed at key locations around your property to ensure the greatest effect. There are other systems in place, too, such as mosquito nets, traps, lighting, misting systems, and other insecticides that will keep these pests and others away.

Automatic misting systems are often the best bet in mosquito-prone areas because they can be setup to tackle the issue when you’re not around to do it yourself. You can also have special event sprays, one-time applications, and other barriers created to prevent mosquitoes and other bugs from taking over your property throughout the year.

With the Zika virus gaining worldwide attention in large part to its risk to unborn children, Americans are looking for ways to protect themselves from the potential risk. By combating mosquitoes in areas prone to them, you’re doing the best you can to protect you and your family. It’s important to do what you can when you can to protect your family from threats, even if they seem as pesky as a mosquito.

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