Concrete crack

A driveway or sidewalk with sunken panels is not a good look on a home. Not only does sunken concrete look bad, but it can also present a tripping hazard to you and your family. Many people let these areas of sunken concrete stay put because they don’t want to go through the cost and mess of having their concrete replaced. Luckily mudjacking is a great low-cost and much easier method to putting that concrete back in place.

So you need to hire a mudjacking company. How do you find someone that is local, reputable, and will treat you fairly during the job? Let’s look at some of the best methods of finding a great mudjacking company.

How to Hire a Mudjacking Company

Utilize Online Review Sites

Sites like Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, Porch, and more have existed for years as a great place to find reviews on all sorts of services, including mudjacking companies. Read reviews on several websites and don’t be afraid to venture out of contractor sites to check reviews on sites like Facebook or Google. Consumer reviews give you an idea of what level of service you can expect from a potential hire.

Use Local Consumer and Contractor Resources

Most mid and major towns and cities have several consumer and contractor resource guides. These local guides usually have specific criteria that must be met before contractors are put on the list, such as years of service to the community. Pick up one of these guides for a great list of local contractors like mudjacking companies.

Ask for Referrals

Once you have your short list of mudjacking companies at hand, you can refine your search by asking for references. A reputable mudjacking company will be happier to hand over any references for you to call and ask any questions about the company. References give you an inside look into the company that’s even better than a review, all before you’ve even made the hire.

By utilizing several online review sites, using the local contractor guides in your area, and trying out different referrals, you are likely to find a great mudjacking company. With a great hire, your sunken concrete will be back into place and looking great.

Visit the pros at AAA Concrete Raising at or give them a call at 303-526-2222 to find out if you need mudjacking service at your property today.

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