On July 11, 2014, we hosted a poll targeting residents of Douglas County asking whether or not Douglas County Clerk and Recorder, Jack Arrowsmith, should start issuing same sex marriage licenses.

The poll was first announced on our FB page (embedded below) and though there was some opposition, it’s apparent that the majority of our targeted audience (Douglas County and Republican/Democrat affiliations) were in support of same sex marriage in Douglas County.

The poll ran from July 11 through July 15.

The poll results reflect that 67 percent were in favor of same sex marriage in Douglas County while only 32 percent were in opposition.

[yop_poll id=”5″]

Jack Arrowsmith issued the following letter on July 14, 2014:

According to a letter issued on July 14, 2014 Mr. Jack Arrowsmith has indicated he will,
“refrain from issuing same sex marriage licenses until there is further guidance from the Courts.”

You can read the entire document here.