Blurred Christmas lights

Not too many years ago you only had one choice when it came to Christmas lights in incandescent bulbs, but not any longer. The fascinating technology of LED lighting had made its way over to Christmas light technology to give us longer lasting, better Christmas lights. So what’s the big deal about LED Christmas lights, and aren’t they more expensive. Let’s explore the topic further by looking at what LED Christmas lights are, and some of their benefits.

What You Need to Know About LED Christmas Lights

How LED Christmas Lights Work

Traditional incandescent Christmas lights run electricity through a filament in order to produce light. Incandescent lighting creates a warm lighting atmosphere but also wastes plenty of power producing heat and not light, and will burn out relatively quickly.

LED lighting does not use this type of mechanism to create light. In LEDs, electricity is sent through a semiconductor material to excite the electrons on that material. The energy is given off in the form of photons, producing a bright light with very little energy given off as heat. This produces many unique benefits to LED lighting when compared to incandescent.

Benefits of LED Christmas Lights


LEDs don’t just last twice or three times longer than incandescent lighting, they can last dozens of time longer! LED Christmas lights are unique per that manufacturer and each will have a different lifespan depending on different qualities but some LED lights have clocked in with lifespans around 50,000 hours! If you don’t want to have to buy new lights every season, it’s best to go with LED lights.

Environmentally Friendly

LED lights are also very environmentally friendly. They last thousands of hours, and because they don’t use a filament, LED lights are extremely energy efficient. So not only will you get lights that last longer, they will also use a fraction of the power compared to incandescent bulbs.


This will also depend on the type of LED light but you can find LED Christmas lights that are extremely bright and colorful, catching the attention to those around the block this holiday season.

So if you’re looking for Christmas lights that will last you several seasons, use only a small bit of power, and will grow brightly, the safe bet is on LED Christmas lights. They may cost more than incandescent lighting, but their unique qualities and benefits make them worth it.

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