Whenever the process of renting, selling, or purchasing a home begins, more than likely a fairly large amount of stress is somewhere to found. Whether it is to do with rent payments, pricing or just the search, real estate can sometimes be a nuisance if you’re not sure where to even begin. Sometimes it would be nice just to have a guide during the process to show you what to do and give advice whenever it is needed.
Well stress no more, because Secretary of Estates is that guide to help buyers, sellers or renters along the long road of the real estate business. Serving the Southern Denver Metro Area, these local real estate experts offer residential sales assistance as well as property management services. Stress has no place in the picture when Secretary of Estates is around. With over 16 years of experience, Secretary of Estates is a one stop shop all of your real estate needs.

“After moving to the area 3 years ago, and talking to other property owners we found a need for a customer focused property management company in the southern metro Denver area.  Customer service and integrity were the number one complaints we heard from owners and other realtors.  We know that we can fill that void by providing top notch customer service as well as following through on our promises to clients as well as other real estate professionals,” said Tracey Witte, an employee of Secretary of Estates.

When it comes to property management, Secretary of Estates offers all aspects, including advertising your property, negotiating leases, and collecting rent. They will also show your rental to prospective renters and screen for credit checks, background and prior evictions. You can have all of these services or you can do what they call “hybrid property management”, where you can pick which ones you would like.

Not renting but buying or selling instead? Secretary of Estates has you covered there as well. They offer buyer and seller representation. Whether experienced with real estate or first time buyer or seller, they will assist you in the process every step. If you’re selling your home, they will also perform a free market analysis on your home.
For all of your real estate needs, check out Secretary of Estates online at or call them at 303-660-8888.