“The world is a book, and those who do not travel have only read one page,” Saint Augustine of Hippo is attributed to saying. Vacationing to other places is something that most people desire to do. To experience new places and cultures all while having a time of relaxation is almost an essential to every healthy and productive life. As much as going on vacation is looked forward to, the planning process can be a complicated if you don’t use a travel agent.


Booking plane tickets, cruise lines and sometimes hotels can just be overwhelming but for Steve McKenna at CruiseOne-Steve McKenna, its something that he loves to do. “We help families with all manner of travel. We help with cruises, all inclusive resorts, river cruises, weekend getaways and help with travel ideas you may not have considered,” Steve said when asked about his job.

After living in Europe for 8 years and traveling an extensive amount, Steve said his experience has allowed him to see travel planning from a different perspective into what people look for in vacations. At CruiseOne-Steve McKenna, Steve uses his experience as well as making clients a priority to make dream vacations become reality. “I put my customers first, listen to them, and assist them in planning the best vacation of their lives,” Steve stated. CruiseOne-Steve McKenna not only helps you plan your vacation but will work with you to get limited time offers, upgrades and more.

Steve says hands down the best part of his job is helping clients travel to places they have only heard or read about. Whether it is a weekend away or a longer vacation, Steve can help make it a reality with ease and confidence. So if you’re in need of a vacation or beginning to plan your dream getaway, go visit CruiseOne-Steve McKenna’s website at or call at (720) 542-9864.