Topographical Survey of Festival Park

Downtown’s Festival Park, will soon be getting some needed attention. The Town of Castle Rock, along with the Downtown Development Authority and various private and public entities are about to embark on plans to re-energize the area surrounding the Town landmark.

Recently, a surveyor from Sun Systems was out gathering information and taking pictures at the corner of 2nd and Perry Streets. “I’m out today taking a topographical survey of Festival Park and a 3-D picture of the intersection,” said Joe Reigard of Sun Systems.

Equipped with a Leica Lazar Scanner, Reigard uses the specialized camera to obtain the elevation of the pictured area, in accordance with natural and man-made structures. In essence, these high-tech photos give a true lay of the land by giving it a 3rd dimension; adding scene features and grading to the images. 2nd and Perry Intersection in Castle Rock

The pictures and renderings will help planners make a case for improvements that will create a more active downtown. This new ‘urban space’ has the potential to not only attract more people to the area, it will also make a gathering place for citizens and visitors, while increasing pedestrian activity.

Next month, council will decide on a company to take them into the next phase of the project. In addition, they will also hold a series of community workshops to get input from the residents.