Castle Rock Mayor, Paul Donahue, wants us to picture filling up 'The Rock' with conserved water.

Though ‘The Rock’ is solid, as most know, Mayor Paul Donahue wants us to imagine it’s hollow and work together as a community to conserve water and fill ‘er up! Having seen the momentum of the conservation effort thus far, he’s raising the bar to challenge residents to think of additional ways they might be able to save a few drops.

Residents of Castle Rock have been conscious, achieving the goal of conserving water usage. Over the past 10 years, they have been able to consistently reduce usage by more than 20 percent. Way to go!

However, by 2055, our Town would like to see that savings number grow. Our Water Efficiency Master Plan is setting the goal that the community cut back another 18 percent in the coming years. That means making little tweaks to our daily routine that can save gallons of water each month, noticeably reducing your utility bill.

Castle Rock Mayor, Paul Donahue is challenging residents to conserve a few more drops of water.

The pledge can be taken at where it will take a few minutes to agree to make some minor changes like: cutting a few minutes off shower time, washing only full loads of laundry and using refillable water bottles to save both water and the environment.

Upon entering, you will help to rank Castle Rock among the top pledging communities in the nation. The Town’s participants could then get entered to win one of more than 1,000 prizes worth a total of $50,000 provided by a partnership with Wyland Foundation.

Get more information and take the pledge at Good luck!