Are you a small business in Castle Rock looking to introduce yourselves to thousands of residents in a matter of moments? Do you have a new product or service you’re dying to tell everyone about or do you have an event you’re looking to promote to the masses? The CRCO Facebook page is likely the most efficient use of your advertising dollars reaching over 45,000 people per week, mostly from in and around Castle Rock.

Here’s the scoop:

We don’t want our Facebook page to become a dis-service to residents or spammy so we’ve created these basic guidelines.

  • All sponsored posts will be labeled ‘Sponsored.’
  • No Coupons or Daily Deals
  • Businesses utilizing our promoted posts MUST be a Castle Rock business.
  • Promoted Events must be in Castle Rock
  • Promoted posts be featured for at least 6 hours on our page.
  • Each promoted post will go through an editorial process. Please define your message and be prepared to show us how your post will be beneficial to the Castle Rock Community. If you’re promoting your business and services please make sure it’s relevant to the times. (i.e. don’t offer professional landscape services in the middle of winter…)

What are the cost?

  • $150 flat fee + boost cost.

The minimum investment for a sponsored post of $150 and you can choose any amount after that to boost. Here’s an example of how many additional people will be reached for a boosted budget on our page.*

Boost Reach Examples:

  • $5.00: 600 – 1800
  • $10.00: 1,200 – 3,300
  • $20.00: 2,200 – 5,800
  • $50.00: 4,400 – 12,000
  • $100.00: 6,900 – 17,000


When ‘boosted’ sponsored posts will include a completed performance report that will indicate how many people were reached and engaged with your post.

Sponsored posts are not refundable. We will work diligently to ensure that your post copy is written and defined well enough that you’ll maximize your exposure.

For availability and/or to schedule your next sponsored post please contact Sean Hakes by calling 720-940-9056 or emailing [email protected].