Looking through photographs from days gone by often helps us to understand who we are today. These pictures of earlier generations can tell us things like where we came from and  which side of the family we favor, while simultaneously painting a picture of our history. Those are the precious memories we covet and try to preserve for future family members to enjoy.

However, time and the elements of nature are not always kind to photographs. A fragile snapshot of your great-grandparent’s wedding has been through a lot: 3 moves and some wear from being placed near a sunny window. Regretting that the picture wasn’t better cared for, it has resulted in a faded image with tattered edges.

Luckily, with advancements in technology, many old photographs can be given new life. Vickie Wallis at Wicked Vix Photography is using her talent to do just that. Based in Castle Rock, her company specializes in image restoration and editing, so that treasures like this can be restored. “I can’t make a terribly out of focus picture look fabulous, but there’s a lot I can do,” says Wallis.

One of her restorative techniques has her work with scanned photographs using the variations in different editing programs. As every photograph is unique,  so are the abilities of each type of editing software. And depending on the changes, that process can vary in the length of time it takes to complete. “Because sometimes things are more complex then they first appear.” she notes.

But Vickie accepts the challenges of each project with excitement.  The reward she gets from looking into the faces of people she helps to sustain a piece of history is immeasurable. Her work has taught her about the the priceless nature of a photograph; a moment in time captured by the lens.


Vickie Wallis

Wicked Vix Photography

Image Restoration, Editing and Event Photography