Enjoy the holidays and the winter months more this year by putting some money back in your pocket. Along with reminding ourselves to program the thermostat and turn off the computer at night, taking a moment to make sure your home is ‘winterized’ can also help you save. Julie Rodriguez at Black Hills Energy wanted to share some tips for keeping energy costs down and making your home more energy efficient during the colder (2)

She notes, “During the winter, residential gas usage can change based on consumption by the customer and the weather.”  But however much that may be, it’s good to keep in mind that HOME WEATHERIZATION SAVES EVERYBODY MONEY. These simple fixes can be done at little to no cost (depending on the supplies in your garage); usually totaling under $100 dollars. Likewise, depending on your ability, these things can be DIY projects or completed with one other person’s assistance.

Here are some savings tips from Black Hills Energy:

  1. Adjust the thermostat; it could save up to 8 % during the heating season.
  2. Service home heating systems so they have new filters and run properly.
  3. Seal the inside of home with plastic on windows and caulking.
  4. Reduce water heater temperatures.
  5. Clear the space around baseboard heaters and registers so that air flows freely.
  6. Close the dampers on fireplaces when not in use.
  7. Remember to turn off lights and electronics when they are not in use.

May these energy saving suggestions help your holiday be extra-merry!