Heated gloves to keep warm in the cold

Heated gloves are the next big thing. When it comes to keeping your fingers warm, it’s easier said than done when the temperatures drop below double digits. Even the warmest gloves don’t always get the job done. That’s why heated gloves are the best solution to ensure your fingers stay warm no matter what you’re doing outside. Let’s look at how to get the most out of your new pair of heated gloves.

Getting the Most Out of Heated Gloves in the Cold

The first step is to read the manual that came with your gloves. This is your number one source for learning how to get the most out of the pair. This will give you specific instructions to your gloves and how to use them. The manufacturer may also have videos online and other walkthroughs on how to get even more out of your gloves.

If your gloves are too tight or feel too snug, they’re too small for your hands, and you should exchange them for the next size up. Wearing them while they’re too tight can restrict the heat coming from them and potentially damage the wiring rendering them useless. They won’t stretch out as you wear them. Just exchange them and save yourself the hassle.

From there, you want to work on “calibrating” the battery for your gloves for your hands. This is how they keep warm, and like any other battery, you have to get used to the battery life they have. If your gloves have different levels of heat, the higher the heat level, the more battery you’ll use. Get used to what keeps your hands warm and don’t use a higher setting than necessary to preserve your battery life.

Make sure to remove the battery from your gloves before cleaning them. Never, ever wash your heated gloves in the washing machine even with the battery out. Clean them off after any use where they might get something on them, like if you spill coffee in the car on the way to work. While your gloves are intended to be used in the snow, if snow or liquid gets on the inside of your gloves, turn off the battery, take them off, and let them dry off before using again.

If heated gloves aren’t keeping your hands warm, consider a checkup with your doctor. There may be something else going on you’ll want a professional to check up on to make sure everything is good.

Want to learn more about heated gloves? Visit Torch Electrek and see how keeping your hands warm during the cold keeps getting easier and easier with new technology paving the way.

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