Lights over Wilcox Street

How many guys does it take to change a light bulb? When it’s the bulbs that hang on the stands crossing a busy street in downtown Castle Rock, the answer is two.

Today, a few employees from Colorado Lighting will be spending a large part of the day changing out the 1100 lights that cross Wilcox Street, between 3rd and 4th Streets, downtown.  “When the bulbs start to look dim, that’s when they call us,” said Dennis, an employee of Colorado Lighting. But rather than only replacing the few that are dim or burnt out, all the bulbs will be changed, giving them a similar shelf life.

“We replace all the lights at once when they begin to look dim, otherwise it would look weird if we only replaced some and not others. Then some might look dim, while some wouldn’t,” he added.

Requiring the use of a Cherry Picker and a few company trucks, the work does not look like to will hold up any traffic on the main roadway today. Their equipment only takes up a small space in the middle of Wilcox, directly in front of the Castle Rock Clerk and Recorder’s Office. The strands are a regular sight downtown, staying lit year-round and adding charm to downtown area.