More protests happened today at the future site of the ‘Promenade Mall.’ Those in opposition of the project were out expressing their opinions against the group that was hired by Albert Development Partners to eradicate the Prairie Dog colony currently occupying the area.

IMG_6479An emotional group could be heard yelling angered remarks and expressing their disdain for hired representatives seen stuffing the burrows with an unknown substance. It is supposed that the group was in the process of exterminating the colony before the next phase of construction continues.

The area to the Northeast of Town, that has created such a stir, is privately owned and has been zoned for commercial use since 1987. It was then that the land was annexed to Castle Rock as part of the Castle Pines Commercial Planned Development.

IMG_6538Including the area that the Outlets at Castle Rock now occupy, there are also adjacent entitlements for commercial and office space, as well as for hotel rooms and multi-family dwellings. But it appears that proposed amenities for the shopping district will likely start to slowly appear over the next year as the Alberta development comes to fruition.

Now that the use of the land is out of the hands of the Town, those against the project will take steps to gain more resident support for their cause. The group’s last hope to delay the project will be gathering signatures for a petition they hope can help them to attain the outcome they seek which could be costly to taxpayers.


  1. “Costly to taxpayers.” I already sit in traffic on Founders Parkway from Target to the hospital in the Meadows, and that costs me money as I value my time. Now, how bad will it get with a new mall? It will cost a lot more to have to sit in traffic for years to come and watch as the beautiful town of Castle Rock is turned into Highlands Ranch by a few greedy, selfish humans.

    Sad that a town is now controlled by people only looking to make money off of it.

    I loved the open space of Castle Rock and have lived here my entire life. We didn’t have this mall last year and everyone in the town was just fine, we all survived.

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