April 3rd is quickly approaching, and Castle Rock needs a new CEO for the Town. On that day, current Town Manager, Mark Stevens, will end his successful run and pass the torch along to one lucky candidate to fill the position.

“Town received over 50 applications for the position of Town Manager,” commented Stevens, “A process was conducted to identify the most qualified candidates.” From a pool of those who applied for the job, department staff, along with Town Council’s approval, have narrowed it down to three attractive applicants:

1. Mark Collins 2. Richard Davis 3. David Corliss

Of these three applicants, whose job experience met expectations, all have had previous city manager experience. And so far, on paper, they all have skills and talents that would make them an excellent choice for Castle Rock’s new Town Manager. Next steps in the selection process include organizing special meetings with the candidates and members of the community.

The town plans to hold a community open house that is open to all members of the public. The process will then continue with a scheduled question and answer session from a panel of community members, a panel of department staff, an open session with town employees, finally concluding with a closed executive session with Town Council.

Interested residents are encouraged to attend the community open house on March 18th, from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm, in the Town Hall. The reception for the finalists will give members of the community a chance to interact with the candidates. Likewise, those interested in sitting on the community panel should contact:

Kristin Zagurski
Town Manager’s Office
Title: Management Analyst
Phone: 720-733-3552
[email protected]
These inquiries need to be submitted promptly.