Construction will start in 2016 of a new water pipeline that will provide water for approximately 7,500 households in Castle Rock.

Known by the catchy name, ‘ The WISE Project,’ – a name that almost sounds like the call of a cool indie rock band – is an important Town project you may have heard about. As a part of Castle Rock’s Legacy Water Project, it is a key piece of the puzzle that will soon bring us closer to securing long-term, renewable water for our community.

On August 18, our council approved a resolution to grant a contract agreement to Burns & McDonnell to begin the design of a pipeline that will bring millions of gallons of water to Castle Rock. The proposed project, which has been in talks since May 2013, was the result of the WISE partnership; an agreement with Aurora Water, Denver Water and 10 members of the South Metro Water Supply Authority to secure a long-term water future for the entire region.

“It’s reasonable to expect that construction may take approximately seven months to complete,” said Mike Lehrburger, Project Engineer for Burns & McDonnell. The planned pipeline is set to pump water from the Parker Water and Sanitation District’s water distribution center to Castle Rock. Once completed, it is expected to provide water for approximately 7,500 households per day.

“Initially, the waterline will need to convey up to 7 million gallons per day (MGD),” according to a statement from the engineer team at Burns & McDonnell. “This includes 3 MGD to serve the Town and 4 MGD to serve the Dominion Water District (Greenwood Village).”

The current design is set to be laid down within the existing dedicated utility corridor – along the path that parallels Xcel Energy’s power lines to the east. “Design is expected to complete in the spring of 2016,” stated Lehrburger. “It is anticipated that construction could begin as early as summer 2016.”

Because not only will the pipeline compliment Castle Rock’s current water storage space in Reuter-Hess Reservior, it will help quickly promote our Town becoming more self-sufficient. And with numbers of area growth on the rise, this vital project will couldn’t come at a better time.

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