Geo-Fencing Denver

Imagine that you owned a local car dealership and because of your size, you had troubles competing financially with much larger dealership’s advertising. One option is, you could send in a few people to pass out flyers trying to persuade them to your business however; that would only last a few minutes before you were swiftly kicked out.

What if you were a criminal defense attorney, and at the local jail, there were lines of people in line to bail their friends? It would be impossible to tell them about about you without violating the professional conduct policy.

But, what if…? Introducing the Geo-fence; a virtual ‘conversational’ boundary.

First — What is a Geo-Fence?

A Geofence is a virtual boundary that delivers a virtual message to someone in hopes to promote a decision, or action based on a geographical area. You can create a virtual boundary around a local store, building or even a neighborhood. There are two types of Geofences; first App-based Geofence or a Network-based Geofence what uses carrier location data and is not app dependent.

Medved FordFor the local car dealer, we can put a virtual fence around your biggest competitor and serve persuasive content to patrons at that dealership.

For the local restaurant, we can serve lunch specials, dinner specials or general restaurant information to anyone who enters within X-miles of your location.

What about the criminal defense attorney who wants to market to those in the jail about his, or her services and don’t want to violate their professional conduct code? We’ve got you covered!

When it comes to Geo-fencing, the sky is the limit. Sounds expensive right? Wrong, it’s crazy affordable in fact, the average cost per thousand impressions will range from $5 – $10. What other medium can generate that many targeted eyeballs for that price?

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