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Poll: Castle Rock Prairie Dogs


Should construction of The Promenade at Castle Rock be postponed, which will allow time to relocate the large prairie dog colony that currently occupy the land? Or, should construction continue as scheduled? Vote here!

Here are the current results as of 9:25 AM on Feb 17th, 2015. The Facebook post that started the discussion for CRCO has been seen 5,000 times and currently has 72 comments.

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  1. It’s horrible to even imagine the arrogance of man! More shopping malls in lue of life??? All life has value!! The Indians knew that. Leave them alone or give them another home.

  2. If they are going to put this ugly hunk of brick on this beautiful open land then they should have the decency to allow the prairie dogs to be relocated. 4 months is not a long time to delay this mall. Colorado is known for it’s beautiful land and wildlife. If i want to go to a mall i can go a mile away. Shame on anyone that teaches their children that money is more important than the planet that sustains them.

  3. This is HORRIBLE & SHAMEFUL !!! SHAME ON Alberta Development Partners, LLC*** Mr. Donald G. Provost, Laura Hansen, Mr. David J. Goldberg & Mr. Bryan C. McFarland AND PETER CUDLIP AND THE MAYOR OF CASTLE ROCK as well as all Castle Rock elected officials that allowed for this heinous development!!! NEXT ELECTION VOTE ALL OF THEM OUT OF OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God bless the citizens of Castle Rock who are working tirelessly to save these prairie dogs of Castle Rock who have profound ecological importance and are vital to the survival of other animals that depend on them for food & shelter such as coyotes, foxes, hawks, the Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse and BURROWING OWL!!! GREED, GREED, GREED.


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