Father and son duo, Zak and Sael Solis hope to bring a healthier eating option to Castle Rock with 'Vitality Bowls.'

‘Vitality Bowls’ will soon come to the Promenade Shops

From a young age, after running summer lemonade stands, Zak Solis knew he wanted to grow up to someday run his own business. “When I was a kid, I remember my parents always telling me that it was better to work for yourself then for someone else.”

Always holding on to that piece of advice, with the help his father Sael, he will finally realize his dream of owning a business with his family when ‘Vitality Bowls’ opens in the nearby Promenade at Castle Rock this fall.

Though initially trying to convince his parents to buy a him a food truck after high school, during their research, they stumbled across the health-food franchise, ‘Vitality Bowls.’ Having proven his good money and business sense over the years, they felt confident about presenting the franchise idea to Zak.

“They looked for a food truck or a little place to put a restaurant, but then they found ‘Vitality Bowls’ and they told me to look at it to see what I thought,” he continued, “I went to the website and saw all the healthy items they provide and I really liked the idea.” Together, they decided to move forward with their plans, securing a space in the construction surrounding the Promenade Shops.

A superfood concept restaurant, ‘Vitality Bowls’ will be the first of its kind in area. “I’ve lived here most of my life and Colorado is just a healthy state,” Zak noted. “We felt that a cafe like this would give people living here some good fast choices for food.”

Likewise, they are hoping customers take notice of the abundant use of fruits and vegetables like acai and kale, minus usual fillers like ice and yogurt. “The fresh ingredients and superfoods that ‘Vitality Bowls’ offers are unlike any other fast-casual eatery options in Castle Rock,” he said. “The menu can also meet the needs of those with special diets, like my sister, who is vegan.”

With a tentative opening date of August/September, Zak will be working hard over the coming months to finalize details for the healthy venture with dad. “I think with my experience working in the front and back of restaurants and my dad’s good business and financial knowledge we will make a team.”

Vitality Bowls
Opening this fall
(near Cafe Rio off Factory Shops Blvd.)

Vitality Bowls – Superfood Cafe, Açaí Bowls