Pastor Mike Polhemus of The Rock Church, Castle Rock

For thousands of years, countless people from around the world, have spoken about and attested to the power of group prayer. In hopes of further uniting our community and opening the door for positive change, numerous churches, along with our Mayor, have organized a first Castle Rock Day of Prayer this Saturday, September, 5.

The thought to have a day of prayer in Castle Rock was first introduced during a meeting between Pastor Mike Polhemus (The Rock Church in Castle Rock) and Mayor Phil Donahue. “The two of us first discussed the idea and then decided to bring it to our men’s meeting for the church,” recalled Pastor Polhemus. “From there we took it to the weekly pastor’s meeting to get their thoughts.”

That’s when the idea began to gain momentum. “After talking it over, everyone realized this could be something great for the community,” he said. Because an interfaith event like this is possible because of the unity of all the pastors in Castle Rock. So after pulling together their communal resources, they made it happen.

1st Annual Castle Rock Day of Prayer from The Rock on Vimeo.

This Saturday morning, pastors from over a dozen churches and the Town would like to welcome residents and their families to gather at Castle Rock’s Festival Park. The event will begin at 9:00 am and last approximately one and a half to two hours – the similar length of a standard church service. “We definitely don’t want people to get bored, so we plan to keep things moving,” continued Pastor Polhemus.

But experienced or not, they want the gathering to be equally inviting to those who have little or no introduction to church. “Along with praying together, we will have a band and sing some commonly known songs,” he said. “Handouts will be given to everyone, welcoming them, with words to many of the songs we will be singing as well.”

With singing traditional hymns, attendees can expect pastors and residents to step up to the mic to intermittently pray over the Town. “Pastors and residents will be praying about things that are on their hearts concerning the community,” Pastor Polhemus said. That will include issues that have affected many locally like: the number of teen suicides in Douglas County and those among us experiencing poverty and homelessness.

Likewise, the group will be including prayer for all those who work to make our community safe and keep it ‘functioning.’ “We will pray – and want to make sure that we do so continually – over our local government, police and fire departments, families, schools, and churches,” he stated.

As the event proceeds, organizers are hoping everyone will keep the main focus, forging the sense of ‘real community.’ “It is exciting to have an event that will be focused on really unifying us through prayer, together as one body of Christ,” he smiled. “Until then, we need prayers for no rain!”

For more information on the event, please visit: Castle Rock Day of Prayer